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Metoclopramide is used for short term treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in certain patients who do not respond to other therapy.

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"Absolutely the Best in Florida Light Tackle Tarpon & Fly Fishing"

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Capt. Justin Cauffman

"Tarpon & Light Tackle Specialist"


NO FISH NO PAY's that simple!

Captain Justin Cauffman Justin is a true Florida native; he was born and raised in Southwest Florida. His passion for fishing was ignited at a young age when his father took him out on the water and introduced him to the Florida pastime. His knowledge of the saltwater sport continued to grow throughout his childhood as he spent countless hours with his father chasing snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, and a variety of other fish around Charlotte Harbor.

Time spent exploring the creeks and rivers, scouring the flats, and sight fishing the beaches has been well spent. Justin has made outstanding accomplishments as a competitive angler. As soon as he was old enough to enter tournaments, he was signing up. He has fished multiple local events, taking top place on numerous occasions; earning sponsorships for most of the tournaments. Recently, Justin competed in several large regional events such as the FLW Redfish Tour, Flatsmasters Tournament Series, the IFA Redfish Tour, the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series, Elite Pro Redfish Tour and Xtreme Redfish Series.

Justin has been fishing the saltwater for his entire life, fishing professionally as a tournament angler and mate for five years, and now as a full time guide. He offers exciting backcountry/ inshore fishing trips out of the Charlotte Harbor area including Gasparilla Sound, Pine Island, and Boca Grande. His knowledge of the sea and his enthusiasm for fishing make for a memorable fishing trip.

Coverage Area: Capt. Justin can accommodate "On the water" pick-ups & drop offs in areas, which include; Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Boca Grande, Gasparilla, Bokeelia, Pine Island, Burnt Store, Cayo Costa, Sanibel, Captiva, Palm Island and many of the out islands.

Species Targeted: Capt. Justin can consistently target any species of game fish that patrol the inshore and near shore waters of the Southwest Florida Coast, to include Giant Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout, Shark, Mackerel, Cobia, Snapper, Goliath Grouper (a.k.a., Jewfish) and Jack Crevalle.

Please clickHERE for a description and pictures of some of the game fish you may catch aboard a Florida Light Tackle Fishing Charter

Methods: Spin & Plug Tackle and Fly-fishing. Artificial Lures & Live Bait.

Tournament Charters: Available for anywhere in coverage area. Click HERE for more information.

Sight Seeing & Nature Tours: Available for a personalized sightseeing & nature tours.

Maximum Anglers: 4

Boat: Capt. Justin's 2008 22XL Pathfinder bay boat powered by a 250hp 4-stroke Yamaha. Capt. Justin's boat is equipped with a Fish Finder, GPS, VHF Radio and Cellular Telephone.

Rates are for two anglers. Please add $50 for each additional angler to a maximum of three. Kids under 12 only have to pay an additional $25.


Rates include all live, dead & artificial bait, tackle, fishing licenses, ice and fish cleaning & bagging. Our Professional and friendly attitude is free of charge.

Capt. Justin charges $50 to pickup on North Captiva, Useppa, Pine Island, Cayo Costa, Cabbage Key, and Palm Island.

Click Here for "In Season" Tarpon Rates

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This Month's Featured Fishing Guides:

Light Tackle Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande & Charlotte Harbor with

Capt. Derrick Jacobsen

Light Tackle fishing in Islamorada & The Florida Keys with

Capt. Eric Herstedt

Deep Sea Fishing with Capt. Ray McCauley in Jacksonville &

St. Augustinne

"Light Tackle" fishing for Tarpon, Snook & Redfish around the Tampa Bay/Tarpon Springs area with

Capt. Mike Witfoth

Sight Cast to schools of Giant Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon with

Capt. Jim Ross

Deep Sea & Tarpon Fishing Key West with

Capt. Mike Weinhofer

Fly-fishing in Chokoloskee & 10,000 Islands with

Capt. Ray Culver

Nightime Trophy Snook Fishing with

Capt. Dave Pomerleau

Light Tackle fishing from Jacksonville to St. Augustine with

Capt. Ron Schurr

We are booking up fast for the 2021 Tarpon Season. Book Now to reserve the last few available Hill Tide Dates..

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