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December 2002

Flamingo Tarpon Fishing with Capt. Mike Hutchisson

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Chris Smith from Illinois displays the choppers on this Blacktip, caught in Flamingo with Capt. Mike Hutchisson

Mary Singleton from Texas with her first Snook, caught with Capt. Mike Hutchisson

The "Smith" crew lands a Jewfish in Flamingo with Capt. Mike Hutchisson

Chris Smith holds a MONSTER Snook caught with Capt. Mike Hutchisson in Flamingo

and another Big Snook

and speaking of Capt. Mike Hutchisson....

The "Smith" crew with a nice catch of Snook, fishing with Capt. Mike Hutchisson in Flamingo

Wayne Singleton gets his first Snook with Capt. Mike Hutchisson

Capt. Eric helps hold Robert Fisher with his first Jewfish

The Alexander family from Ohio holds one of 18 Reds caught with Capt. Allan in Charlotte Harbor

Capt. Eric Herstedt holds up Kathy Fisher's Flamingo Red

Capt. Allan fishing with Capt. Eric Herstedt in Flamingo snags a Red himself

Robert & Kathy Fisher with a pair of Redfish

Capt. Eric Herstedt displays a Red Caught with Capt. Allan Beraquit

"Mez" from New Mexico with first ever Snook caught with Capt. Allan Beraquit

Capt. Allan Beraquit displays a 5lb Jig Caught Sailcat mistaken for a Redfish

Dave and Josh hold two 29" Snook of 18 caught with Capt. Eric Herstedt in Flamingo just a few days ago.

Rod Sutclieff from England holds a 22" Trout caught with Capt. Allan Beraquit

Jacksonville Redfish Fishing with Capt. Chris Holleman

Snook fishing with Capt. Eric Herstedt

Doug Nelms holds up a 15lb Black Drum caught with Capt. Allan Beraquit

Dusk Trout fishing with Capt. Allan Beraquit

Jon and Rod Sutclieff with a Jack Crevalle caught with Capt. Allan Beraquit

Shallow water light tackle Shark Fishing with Capt. Eric Herstedt

Shallow water light tackle Shark Fishing with Capt. Eric Herstedt

Shallow water light tackle Shark Fishing with Capt. Eric Herstedt

Shallow water light tackle Shark Fishing with Capt. Eric Herstedt

Nick Bahrick from Ohio displays a nice Seatrout caught with Capt. Allan Beraquit