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This Month's Featured Fishing Guides:

Light Tackle Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande & Charlotte Harbor with

Capt. Derrick Jacobsen

Light Tackle fishing in Islamorada & The Florida Keys with

Capt. Eric Herstedt

Deep Sea Fishing with Capt. Ray McCauley in Jacksonville &

St. Augustinne

"Light Tackle" fishing for Tarpon, Snook & Redfish around the Tampa Bay/Tarpon Springs area with

Capt. Mike Witfoth

Sight Cast to schools of Giant Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon with

Capt. Jim Ross

Deep Sea & Tarpon Fishing Key West with

Capt. Mike Weinhofer

Fly-fishing in Chokoloskee & 10,000 Islands with

Capt. Ray Culver

Nightime Trophy Snook Fishing with

Capt. Dave Pomerleau

Light Tackle fishing from Jacksonville to St. Augustine with

Capt. Ron Schurr

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